About CVD

What are cardiovascular diseases?

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels, which seriously threaten human health.

Studies have shown that 90% of heart attacks happen out of the hospital. It is not enough to rely on hospital's 30s ECG examination. It is more important to check the ECG at home and capture the abnormalities through early prevention, early detection and early treatment.

cardiovascular diseases include:

ECG monitoring system

Flexible sensing technology used to monitor standard 12-lead dynamic human ECG signal.

Health Cloud Platform

Core algorithm of invention patent, health warning intervention mechanism, special ECG report interpreting system.

First-aid membership service system

In case of emergency, timely assistance in emergency green channel to protect life.

Industry solutions

Tailor-made solutions for multiple industries such as public security, corporation, pension, and chronic diseases.

Product Introduction

Benefm Smart ECG clothes.

After three years’ continuous polishing and demanding quality pursuit, Benefm has explored a complete system of health + big data application management platform + smart wearable equipment in the field of ECG monitoring management, forming a cloud health management network, which eventually build a sustainable cloud platform for health monitoring of hospitalization and outpatient homecare clients.

Internet+ sustainable outpatient and homecare cloud health management

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With Benefm's Internet platform and wearable ECG monitoring equipment, it effectively assists medical staff to predict the risk of cardiovascular disease patients, assists in customized rehabilitation programs, monitors disease changes, and guides rehabilitation. Patients can also clearly understand the progress of the disease and prevent potential risks, so as to truly manage the health of patients with CVDs.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Benevolence Medical Sci.&Tech. Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Benefm) was established in March 2015. At present, a research and development center with experts and professors as the core has been established, and many well-known scientists at home and abroad have also been hired as technical consultants. Benefm focuses on precision medicine and smart medicine. It has developed key products such as smart clothing, and has achieved breakthrough results in diagnosis, treatment, and health care. Benefm's strength has reached the world's leading level, and it is one of the priority implementation vehicles for tele-medicine and grading medical treatment of the government, medical institutions, insurance companies and commercial organizations. Benefm also provides good solutions for big health data applications such as research institutions, social security agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies. Benefm implements a global strategic layout, focuses on setting up R.&D. bases around the world, and actively explores international markets. It has successively established subsidiaries in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Munich, and Tel Aviv. At the same time, Benefm has reached a cooperation intention with a number of key universities and research institutions at home and abroad to jointly establish laboratories and research and development platforms. By Oct 2019, Benefm has applied for 172 patents, 105 PCT applications and 19 software copyrights.